The One Who Counted
Hello there. My name is Molly. Molly Hooper. I work at St. Bartholomew's Hospital in London. I'm a sensible girl. Or at least I like to think I am. Friends with a brilli- well... a Detective. I have a cat named Toby. He's a bit of a diva. Oh- do not tell him I said that! He would be most crossed. I hope you have a happy day. xx

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I completely lost my Molly muse. I have all my replies drafted just need my muse back. Forgive me guys. 

I will be over on my Thor until I get my Molly muse back.




     ”Hand me that, would you.”

       He’s not looking up, just motioning to the tongs somewhere to his left, his hand flapping impatiently. Once again, he’s absolutely absorbed in what he’s doing —- which, this time, happens to include a plastic tub of hydrofluoric acid, and a tupperware full of human bones.

She gently placed the tongs in his hand, quite wondering what it was he was attempting to do. Molly watched him carefully, noting just how focused he seemed to be. “Is that bone?” She asked, already knowing the answer. Molly merely wished the silence work break.


Open RP


She hadn’t even gotten halfway through her turn away when the woman’s voice spoke up. Shaking her head she glanced awkwardly at the ground, “No… I suppose I’m not even allowed here, am I? But I guess…” Sophie paused for a moment, her eyes moving back up towards the woman. She looked kind. “I was just curious.”

Molly took a deep breath, “You don’t have to leave. I do not know what you find curious about this place, but you may stay if you wish.” She told the girl kindly.


Open RP


"Umm…" Reese’s rubbed the back of her neck, "No - no. Nothing like that." she said, shaking her head trying to assure her the truth, "It’s actually… heh, it’s a very long story and I don’t think you’d believe it.” Reese was 96.4% positive that no one here would believe her.

Molly tilted her head interested. “Try me.” She challenged, rather curious at what the girl had to say.”


My muse has vowed silence, determined not to speak a word or even make a noise towards your muse. How does your muse break it?


On the Job


Kaiden smiled a little sheepishly. “I wasn’t really sneaking around…” he shrugged slightly. “I know…can’t help when things are hectic out there…” he said, shrugging. “I was about to do that…is why I was moving them…” he explained,” Just uh…stepped wrong I guess…” he sighed, putting his fingers through his hair slightly.

"That came out a bit bossier than I meant it too." Molly said, offering it as an apology. Smiling at him, "Would you like some help?"





            [Sherlock turns, hand resting against the door handle to one of the drawers.]

      Ah, Molly. I need to look at this body.

She hesitated. Recently, there had been a change in management over her. While he previous boss did not mind Sherlock using the hospital when he wished, the new one has told her to her face to make it stop. 

Swallowing she nodded, “Of course. Be my guest.”


He’s Back || Open RP for a Moriarty



Jim had finally made his move. Almost 3 years of hiding away after Sherlock’s little performance and it was time to step out of the shadows again. First person on his list to visit was his old fling, Ms. Molly Hooper. He must have chosen a good time too because she was standing there, staring at his face on the screen and a look of shock plastered on her face. Smirking, he walked over and stopped behind her, leaning in close to her ear, “Did you miss me?”

She jumped, spinning around. Her face mere inches from his. All those feelings, they just worsened in his presence. Molly tried to back off, but it was like she just couldn’t control herself. So she just stood there looking at him with wide eyes.

"J-Jim." she breathed, after a moment. "You’re de-dead." 


With No Goodbye



Sherlock had just finished playing the waltz he wrote for John and Mary, talked to them, and had a drink before he decided it was time for him to leave. He got outside, threw his coat on when he heard someone call his name. “Molly?” he muttered looking back at the mortician, “Everything alright?”

Catching up to him she offered him a kind smile. “No.” He replied playfully, “You sir left. Not even a good bye.”

Pulling her own coat over her shoulders he eyed him, “You alright there Sherlock? And don’t you dare lie or give that I’m fine nonsense. I know better then that.”


Open RP


[apologies for late reply!] 

He laughed at the nickname she choose for him, “Mister Eye? That sounds pretty cool to be honest.” His laugh faded, “Alaister. Alaister Lee.” he wondered whether or not he’d mention he was related to Sherlock. Alaister knew Sherlock pops up here and there…Might as well. “…Well actually it’s Alaister Holmes Lee.” He decided to hint at it. 

"Holmes…" She repeated. "You share a name with my friend." Laughed, crossing her arms over her chest. "What brings you to the morgue Alaister?"